What’s new & next for Signal

December 15, 2021
What's New & What's Next

On revolutionizing class notice and beyond

Seven years ago, we founded Signal Interactive Media on the premise that class notice is flawed, and there was a better solution. Since then, our team has worked to bring fresh, effective tactics from political and commercial organizing and advertising to the legal industry.

From large-scale data breach class actions to small-scale settlements, Signal has provided reliable, effective notice services—designing creative and exciting media programs and maximizing settlement participation.

We’ve also pushed into the lead generation space, leveraging custom modeling techniques and HIPAA-compliant data solutions to give firms around the country a competitive edge when looking for new injury claimants.

So, what’s next for Signal?

As our service areas have expanded, so has our team. We’re increasingly tapping new political and digital expertise to keep our tactics fresh and solutions strong.

As we increase our presence and participation on the conference circuit, we’re looking to educate practitioners in the space about the latest innovations in data and digital that can expand access to the justice system and connect our legal partners with the people and stories that help them build the strongest cases possible.

Of course, all of this growth demanded a new website to match. It was time to tell our own story as well as what we do for our clients. So we transformed our legacy site to better guide users through our work, our offerings, and the people behind the great work we do.

Check it out, and learn how The Signal Difference can make a difference for you.