Op-Ed: The cookie is crumbling. It’s time for digital advertising to start baking

March 9, 2022
A future without (tracking) cookies?

The future of digital is uncertain. The cookie—a tool that’s helped build digital advertising into the highly efficient, $350 billion market it is today—is going by the wayside. The loss of tracking at the individual level leaves many teams and companies unprepared and wringing their hands.

But Signal co-founder Jim Messina has a different take:

“So perhaps the death of the cookie won’t be the death knell that many in the advertising industry fear, but rather an exciting opportunity to move forward with tried tactics that work in an evolving digital world. The cookie’s demise is a push in the right direction—toward something untested, something innovative, and something better.”

Learn more about how Jim and the Signal team are applying lessons from the Obama campaign trail and evolving with the changing digital landscape in his latest VentureBeat article.