How we successfully reached over 110 million unidentified class members in over 60 countries

Takata Bankruptcy Litigation

In the Takata Bankruptcy (In re: TK Holdings Inc., Case No. 17-11375 (BLS))—which arose out of the Takata Defective Airbag Litigation—Signal was retained by the court-appointed claims and noticing agent to design and execute a Supplemental Notice Plan to target more than 110 million potential claimants around the world.

Signal was tasked with raising awareness of the bankruptcy and providing notice to consumers who may have owned an affected vehicle.

This Supplemental Notice Plan was enormous in scope and included worldwide publication notice campaigns translated into 21 languages across more than 60 countries. While traditional in nature, the print aspect of the campaign was a massive undertaking. The Signal team had to closely coordinate with newspaper ad teams around the world to handle the many translations, the different ad sizes, and any local restrictions which might affect the ads.

Beyond the traditional print ad campaign Signal ran around the world, one other specific piece of the campaign is worth highlighting.

In 2018, hurricanes had knocked out traditional media in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico—both territories with hundreds of thousands of potential claimants. With no newspapers, TV, or radio available, Signal still needed to ensure maximum exposure of the settlement notice among potential claimants. Signal pivoted its strategy and conducted a comprehensive paid digital campaign in English and Spanish, consisting of display advertising and paid search ads targeting both territories.

In just 17 days, notices of settlement were viewed over 16 million times in Puerto Rico and one million times in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Key Program Elements
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countries reached in 21 languages
domestic & international print outlets
digital impressions served in 17 days in multiple languages