The Signal Difference

Effective notice has never been harder. To break through the noise, you need to build trust through a stronger, more personalized signal.

Everything You’d Expect

Our team’s unique breadth of experience informs our design and execution of a range of traditional notice services—and empowers us to deliver them better than our competitors.

We do everything you would expect from a top notice provider:

WhatSets Us Apart

We create meaningful settlement participation in class actions, bankruptcies, and ongoing litigation:
  • Meeting people where they are—whether that’s on social media, in their most-used apps, in a free local paper, or on their favorite radio station or streaming television program,
  • Personalizing content experiences with messaging that resonates, and
  • Establishing trust in the potential benefits it provides.

We take notice programs to the next level by integrating tested techniques from political campaigns, data analytics, digital, public relations, and media buying.

Advanced Data & Analytics

Data-driven Programs

We provide a range of analytics services for our legal clients, including custom modeling solutions that integrate seamlessly with digital advertising platforms; access to a licensed data set representing 270 million U.S. adults; and creative strategies for leveraging or augmenting existing, first-party data.

Pre-program Media Testing

Prior to releasing settlement notices and communications more broadly, we administer pre-program media testing on sample cohorts. This allows us to empirically define and optimize the variables affecting response rate early in the claims period.

Strategic & Crisis Communications

Focus Groups & Opinion Surveys

We design and facilitate custom focus groups that enable us to listen to potential claimants, gauge their level of awareness of the issues being litigated, hear their concerns, and then test different messages with them. Follow-up online and telephone surveys help test strategic notice approaches, such as the best surrogates, media channels, and formats.

Story Placement & Press Management

At the local and national level, trusted publications—accessed via print and online—are a key means of raising settlement awareness. Signal’s access to a team of public affairs and press professionals offers the parties opportunities to tell a more complex settlement nuanced story to the class member audience and drive participation in a more organic way. Crisis communications experts can also anticipate and address potential crises that may impact public perception of the litigation.

Social Media & Grassroots Engagement

Social Media Management

Advertising on social platforms like Facebook requires a presence on those channels, and notice programs are no exception. The cultivation of an online community is key to creating trust. We actively engage with potential claimants on social channels to answer questions, address concerns, and drive them to the case website.

On-ground Outreach, Canvassing & Community Partnerships

We bring trusted representatives to the doorsteps of putative class members to personally answer questions and guide them through the process. Enlisting trusted community organizations and validators to advocate for awareness and participation among their audiences adds a layer of trust and generates grassroots engagement with the message.

Bespoke Solutions forBigger Challenges

Signal excels at determining the right approach to effectively reach class members and individual potential clients.