Matt Garretson

Matt Garretson

Co-Founder & Principal
Matt Garretson is co-founder and principal at Signal Interactive Media and founder of Wolf / Garretson, which provides provides detailed design, administration, and oversight of complex operations in settlement programs or other assistance programs related to individuals or businesses that experience a catastrophic event.

He received his BA from Yale University, his law degree at Kentucky’s Salmon P. Chase College of Law, and a Masters in Theology from Chicago Theological Seminary. Garretson is a frequent speaker at Continuing Legal Education seminars regarding lawyers’ professional responsibilities in class action and other mass tort matters, including The American Association for Justice, The American Bar Association, The Rand Corporation, DRI, and dozens of state attorney associations. Garretson also serves as a member of the Advisory Board for Rand Center for Catastrophic Risk Management and Compensation.

Garretson is also the author of a legal textbook published by West Publishing titled Negotiating and Settling Tort Cases, in addition to several articles regarding professional responsibility in individual and mass tort settlements.

Garretson has served as the special master or administrator of settlement funds and crisis response programs throughout the country in environmental disaster, product liability, civil rights, sexual abuse, and other cases. In this capacity, Garretson has substantial firsthand experience with the design, oversight and/or administration of hundreds of class action and mass tort resolution programs.

When he is not designing or overseeing settlement programs, Garretson spends his time pouring into BurnBright provides multilingual learning management systems to empower innovators and leaders of nonprofit organizations primarily located in developing countries.

Part of what determines your success as a legal professional is partnering with the right clients who are not only looking for your specialized set of skills, but who also share your values. We work hard at Signal to establish a brand that attracts clients with similar values.